Thank you for your many submissions, we are working now to give everyone information on who the finalists will be - a daunting task, but one we are looking forward to with great anticipation!  Submissions are now closed.

TIMEFRAME:  Finalists and alternates will be announced by November 20th, 2017. (Alternates will be notified at the earliest possible date if a finalist is unable to attend the 2018 Festival.) Finalists will perform their two songs live at the South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter competition on Saturday, January 13th, 2018, before a panel of judges. All contestants from outside the Broward area must cover their own travel and lodging expenses, although home hospitality may be provided if possible. Finalists will be allotted 4 minutes per song at the live competition, and they must compete acoustically alone (or as a duo). The panel of judges at the Festival will select three winners. 

PRIZES:  Each of the three winners will each receive the “Vic Heyman Songwriting Award” which consists of a $200 cash prize, as well as an invitation to perform at the following year’s South Florida Folk Festival.  All winners and runners-up will have an opportunity to play "in the round" on Sunday, January 14th (the second day of the Festival).  

Questions?  Please email us at and somebody will respond to you as quickly as possible.  

The Vic Heyman Songwriting Award:  Winners of the Songwriting competition will receive the Vic Heyman Songwriting Award.  The competitions are being co-sponsored by Reba Heyman.  Reba and the late Vic Heyman have been an integral part of the folk community for many years, not only here in South Florida but nationally.  They have been known for decades for their generous financial backing of folk festivals and artists.  They ran a concert series (Vic's Music Corner) in Rockville, established scholarship funds for artists, served on the Board of Kerrville and other folk festivals, and have given generously of their time to support the music that we all love. Many successful artists can attribute their start to the generous helping hand provided to them by the Heymans.  We are pleased to dedicate this contest to Vic’s memory.