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The Vic Heyman Songwriting Award:  Winners of the Songwriting competition will receive the Vic Heyman Songwriting Award. The competitions are being co-sponsored by Reba Heyman. Reba and the late Vic Heyman have been an integral part of the folk community for many years, not only here in South Florida but nationally. They have been known for decades for their generous financial backing of folk festivals and artists. They ran a concert series (Vic's Music Corner) in Rockville, established scholarship funds for artists, served on the Board of Kerrville and other folk festivals, and have given generously of their time to support the music that we all love. Many successful artists can attribute their start to the generous helping hand provided to them by the Heymans. We are pleased to dedicate this contest to Vic’s memory.
Singer/Songwriter Finalists

Bear & Robert – Jacksonville, FL  www.bearandrobert.com   

Cecilia St. King – Delray Beach, FL  www.ceciliastking.com   

Claudia Nygaard – Nashville, TN  www.claudianygaard.com 

Joe Virga – Cape Coral, FL  www.joevirga.com 

Joel Zoss – West Palm Beach, FL  www.joelzoss.com 

John Sonntag  –  Lambertville, NJ  www.johnsonntag.com

Judy Kass – Tarrytown, NY www.judykass.com/home 

Kray Van Kirk – Arcata, CA  www.krayvankirk.com 

Lauren Heintz – Winter Park, FL  www.laurenheintz.com 

Leah Kaufman – Raleigh, NC  www.leahk.com   

Nigel Egg – Minneapolis, MN  www.nigelegg.com   

Randy Brown – Mineola, TX  www.brownrandy.com

Sonya Heller – Callicoon Center, NY www.sonyaheller.com  Unable to attend