Banyan Stage
11:30AM - Singer/Songwriter Competition
1:45PM - Debbie Tassone & Gary Frost
2:15PM - Austin McRae
2:45PM - Randy Brown
3:15PM - Florida Songwriters Round: Bear & Robert, Nigel Egg
3:45PM - Jonnie Morgan
4:15PM - Lockwood Barr
4:45PM - Nicholas Edward Williams

Gator Stage
1:30PM - Shade Tree Pickers
2:00PM - The Rough and Tumble
2:30PM - Ellen Bukstel
3:00PM - The Moon and You
3:30PM - Mindy Simmons
4:00PM - Gypsy Wind
4:30PM - Rod MacDonald
5:00PM - The Appalucians
5:30PM - The Kennedys
6:15PM - Announce Singer/Songwriter Winners & Raffle Winners 
6:30PM - David Olney
7:15PM - Caroline Aiken Band
8:15PM - Fire Circle

2:00PM - The Appalucians: Legacy Songs
3:00PM - The Kennedys: Songwriting Master Class-Suggestions on Lyrics,
                Structure & Guitar Arrangement
4:00PM - Rupert Wates: How & Why House Concerts Can Make You a Living

Jam Area
2:00PM - Dan Schloss: Folk Rock Jam
3:00PM - Open Jam
4:00PM - Dan Weber: American Classics Jam


Banyan Stage
12:15PM - Singer/Songwriter Round
​12:45PM - Singer/Songwriter Round
1:15PM - Singer/Songwriter Round
1:45PM - Micah Scott
2:15PM - Cecilia St. King
2:45PM - Florida Songwriters Round: Annie Wenz, Joe Virga, Lauren Lester,
               Michelle Rae Ingrham
3:45PM - Dan Weber
4:15PM - John Latini
4:45PM - Anne Hills

Gator Stage
12:00PM - Vinnie Del Basso
12:30PM - The Whispering Tree
1:00PM - Rupert Wates
1:30PM - The Belle Hollows
2:00PM - This year's Singer/Songwriter Competition Winners
3:00PM - Dave Rowe
3:30PM - The Nouveaux Honkies
4:00PM - ​Jerry Wicentowski & Friends
4:30PM - House of Hamill
5:00PM - Escaping Pavement
5:30PM - Friction Farm
6:15PM - Announce Raffle Winners
6:30PM - Ronny Cox Trio
7:30PM - Fire Circle

12:00PM - Bear & Robert: Slide Guitar
1:00PM - Austin McRae: Song into Story
2:00PM - House of Hamill: Playing with an Accent-Fiddle styles from America,
               Ireland and elsewhere
3:00PM - Micah Scott: Fingerpicking
4:00PM - Michael Stephen Borok: Intentional Songwriting-Writing Songs That 
               are Different from the Ones you Wrote Before

Jam Area
12:00PM - Open Jam
1:00PM - Dan Schloss: Folk Rock Jam
2:00PM - Open Jam
3:00PM - Ellen Bukstel: Sharing Songs of Peace & Politics
4:00PM - Open Jam

Uke Jams/Workshops
1:00PM - Jason Colannino: Ukulele Questions and Answers
2:00PM - Vinnie Del Basso: Three Chords and the Truth
3:00PM - Jo Hoffman: Circle of Fifths: Demystifying Music’s Magic Decoder 
4:00PM - Vinnie Del Basso: Ukulele Song Swap

We will be under cover for the festival!!